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Our company has established a perfect after sales service, customer contact to facilitate......
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Applications:Our company has advanced production equipment, for example: There are different types of bending machine, bending machine, cutting machine, stamping machine, automatic and semi-automatic multi-point welding machine to produce products that meet customer requirements .

Applications: Our company mainly production logistics vehicles, storage cages, pallets, pallet cages, waste baskets, display racks, fences, storage boxes, pet cages and so on. In welding, bending, stamping a wealth of experience, make high quality products.

Technical communication: I processing products for the British companies, and conduct technical exchanges and cooperation on this basis, the company's technical staff is also self-improvement, so that the quality of the products have been greatly improved.

Service: Our company has established a perfect after sales service, user-friendly consultation. And my company is located in the largest northern port city of Qingdao ---- one, which allows us to engage the emergency order for you to provide very fast and efficient logistics and transport services. If you are interested in our company, or would like advice about the product, please call, we will wholeheartedly serve you

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